Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I want you to know that I'm beautiful

That is a line from a song by Under the Influence of Giants. It was in June 2005 at the Viper Room where I first saw this band. Samantha Ronson was on first. Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal came together to see her. Kimberly Stewart was hanging out with her friends. Then, The Like played their set. Then it was UTIOG. I stood front row and danced. Their songs automatically make you dance. This was pre-David, and when there was a chic and a another bassist in the lineup. I saw them again few months later, and they announced that they got signed by Island Def Jam. I saw them again at the Key Club early last year. I really liked them the instant I heard them and I still remember watching them at the Roxy, and thinking to myself, "these guys are gonna be huge!" I like the Viper Room. I only have fun memories of that place.

Anyways, my favorite fashion item of the moment is the cardigan dress. I love menswear to begin with. You can just find a nice men's cardigan, so it becomes an oversized dress on you. Wear with opaque tights and a sequin beret. Splurge on nice ones by J.Lindeberg, Fred Perry, Lacoste, or just find something cheap at Target.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You're not the prettiest girl in town

First off, let's all congratulate Ok Go on their Grammy win for Best Short Form Music Video! I think they should also win Best Dressed. I love bands, or people in general, who care about the way they look or present themselves. Call me shallow, or what you will, but I don't care, blame my career. Anyways, I did this a while ago, but I didn't upload it right away, because I thought I had too many Ok Go theme posts. I thought, if Ok Go had an all-female tribute band, they should be called "Ok Girl". Anyone wanna join me? Last summer, I was out shopping with the design department for market research. We hit up all the important stores in LA. We stopped by Paul Smith, and when I had gone in, I saw a guy who looked like Damian. I thought to myself, wow, there's a sales guy here who looks just like Damian. Then after looking at the womenswear, I went to the menswear section, and saw Tim. Then, like such an uncool, I told my boss, omg, that's my favorite band over there!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I wash with your soap

It was April 1, 2006 at the El Rey. They were the opening for the We Are Scientists show. That is when I first heard of, first saw, first fell in love with a band called The Grates. Their songs, her energy, so fun, so rock and roll, but also had a stinging bittersweetness. She was jumping around in a yellow floral shift dress, pink fishnets, and wellies on. I fell in love with a song called "Lies Are Much More Fun". (Perhaps because it's as bipolar as I am.) Several months later, they played at the opening of Club NME Los Angeles at Spaceland. I took the pictures there. I love all tracks from their album Gravity Won't Get You High.

"Look at all the pretty girls
see her yeah she smiles for you
Look behind the pretty girls
see me here I'm smiling too"

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Make me tell you I'm in love with you

"..when you take me in your arms and drive me slowly out of my mind."

I almost went all anti-Vday on you guys. As I was searching for a good love song lyric to use as the title, I almost chose anti-romance songs. If you didn't figure it out yet, well, I don't have a Valentine this year, or did I ever have one? That's private. Then I remembered how much I absolutely love this song. "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me" by Mel Carter.

"Valentine's Day is a day invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap."
(I had to add this. A line from my favorite movie.)