Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love's no longer here

Since the Hounds Below were on tour, we decided to check out their next show in Southern California. It was a Saturday night, so we drove down to San Diego to see them play at the Bar Pink. Long drives are fine as long as there is no traffic. I'm sure you all know about my motion sickness by now. It was a nice drive and I got to actually see so many stars in the sky. Few years ago, we had been to the Casbah in San Diego, and I just remember this rude bartender and hipster girls. But this time around, I was really shocked to see how friendly the people were in San Diego. So different from LA. I love nice people. The Hounds Below sounded great once again. They even did a cover of the Pixies at this show. I'm loving their sound (described as "Roy Orbison meets BRMC") and can't wait to hear more from this band. They have a few more shows this month in Canada and New York, so be sure to check them out. It was worth driving 4 hours (roundtrip). And it was the b e s t n i g h t e v e r.

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  1. I would love to come to some shows in America, just to see if they're any different from ones in the UK!