Saturday, June 09, 2012

That's for all of time

Weezer played a benefit show for the Early Years Spring Fundraiser at the Roxy.  A limited amount of tickets went on sale to the public and I was incredibly lucky to purchase tickets.  When I scored the tickets, and the days leading up to the show, it felt so surreal.  

My longtime love affair with Weezer.  My first memories of their music is singing along to Buddy Holly back in the  early nineties when I was a kid.  When I grew up, I was able to see them at Jimmy Kimmel, Long Beach Arena, and the Hollywood Palladium.  I didn't get to see them much since they were such a big band. I don't enjoy stadium and arena shows.  Obviously, I prefer small intimate venues.  And since Weezer is such a huge band of legendary status, even if they were to play a small venue, the hardcore fans usually camp overnight to get front row, and tickets are nearly impossible to get.  I even braved going to the Huntington Beach festival couple years ago when they played, and it just wasn't enjoyable with that many people everywhere.  Maybe I get claustrophobic.  In the early 2000's, I bought the DVD at a Tower Records, and watched it any time I felt blue or bored.  Singing and playing guitar at Weezer cover nights.  Anyways, fast forward to this day, and I am inside the Roxy at a small benefit show, so it's not crazy crowded and packed.  I get in and grab a spot in the side front row.  The curtains were up the whole time.  A little past eight o'clock, and I see Rivers appear on the side backstage door.  Embarrassingly, I become a giddy fan girl.  He takes the stage, sound checking his guitar as he kicks around a soccer ball with the band logo on it.  The show starts and I'm listening to all the songs I've loved for so long.  I just let myself totally enjoy the show by singing along loudly, dancing, head banging, screaming, cheering, smiling, laughing.  They played a good mix of Blue, Green, Make Believe, Raditude, and Red (but sadly no Maladroit or Pinkerton, which might be for the better since I probably would've exploded if they busted that out).  Also, they played two covers, Tommy James' "I Think We're Alone Now" and Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me".  Rivers crowd surfed.  He even came down from the stage where I was standing and put his hand on my shoulder as he came down.  Scott Shriner shook my hand as he was leaving the stage.  I met Brian Bell after the show and got to take a picture with him.  There was a surprise at the end.  Rivers brought his wife and friends on stage, and they played a song in Japanese.  His wife was on the drums.  It was pretty cool.  I still feel as if this was all a dream.  Being able to see them in such a small venue, and so closely, right in front of me.  Then, I smile when I realize it really happened. 

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