Sunday, August 08, 2010

In the warm California sun

I'm not a big festival person. I never was and I know I'm not. But since it's summer and all and I hadn't been to the beach once this summer, and also because Hot Hot Heat and Weezer were playing, I thought why not? Why not go to the US Open of Surfing festival at Huntington Beach. So I went. Going there, traffic wasn't terrible, but there was traffic so I started feeling carsick and miserable. I took dramamine, but only half so it didn't help much. When we got there, it was pretty exciting to see the beach, smell the ocean air, and to see dudes walking around with their surf boards, and gorgeous tanned bikini-clad girls. But, that's when it stopped, the excitement. We couldn't find parking. No one could find parking. The streets were jam packed with cars looking for parking. After a long time, we finally found a spot 2 miles away from the beach. We walked and walked. We were hungry and had to use the bathroom. The drive and parking time took forever. Subway had a line out the door. The massive crowd and lines, I wasn't feeling it anymore. I tried to stay focused as to why I was even there. Oh, yeah, Hot Hot Heat and Weezer. Time started to run out, we got to the music stage area when Hot Hot Heat started playing "21 @ 12". We couldn't really see. There were obnoxious people pushing through everywhere. I'm starting to unravel. Though it was nice to hear Hot Hot Heat playing live, I could barely see the stage, so we went back out. We went behind the stage to the left back side and watched the show. Later, Weezer started playing. We listened to a few songs. We walked around in the sand. All I could think was how I wanted to go home. So, we left during "Say it ain't so". I don't regret going but I didn't have such a good time. We stopped by Starbucks before the long drive home. I took a whole dramamine and slept through our ride. The weather was gorgeous, though.

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