Monday, July 12, 2010

It's called a drag

I'm going to be honest with you and say that I've only just discovered Ty Segall. Few months ago, I was listening to NME Radio (love!) and the DJ was raving about his new favorite band. Right as he was about to play the track "Girlfriend", he says: "Get ready for the handclaps!" And then I fall in love with this amazing rock song. It's just that great raw sound of good 'ol rock and roll. I bought the album. Then I look this band up and they are set to play a show at Spaceland. Seriously. How awesome is that. I listen to NME and then I get to see them. American radio will never catch up or ever be cool. Sad that Indie 103.1 is gone. So is WOXY. Well, I was super excited to see Ty Segall. Lots of dancing and madness. At one point, this dude decides to stage dive and land right on top of me. So sad (but nothing compared to what I've endured before). Dancing, stage diving, happy fans, adorable but crazy singer, broken glass (scary), bloody fingers, are we at a Ty Segall show? You bet.

This is a fun picture. I think it's his wtf face. He was trying to read his set list, but it was completely dark. So I was taking a picture and he can see the flash preparing to go off.

New album "Melted" out now!!

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  1. hell yea, i went to see him the other day at the smell with my husband, it was amazing, the drummer kicks ass !!
    i was sweaty like no other, im so glad i found someone that digs this kind of music too.
    you have such a cool blog!