Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youngest Indie presents "Hedi Boys"

Finally! Here it is! I had so much fun making this one. It took a long time because I really wanted to make it special. Making the play-doh boys were fun. Shooting the scenes were the hardest part, but I am happy with the outcome. This time around I played around with lighting and had better sets. I have memories of painting the brick wall this past summer before going out to the Getty Center. I spent a lot of my weekends working on this project. Thanks to my sister who bought me a tripod for my camera. The editing process got me super excited. I really hope you like it.

**Big thanks to the websites that linked my video!!
Hedi Slimane Japan FanPage's Blog
BrandBanzai even posted some of the fashion show pictures.


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  2. DUDE!!! This is amazing!! Such a fantastic job, i've never been so impressed with play doh!! I'm doing a post on this Right Now!! i think the 1:53 mark is my favorite! xx

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    Your blog is the best!!!