Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hedi Boys: A tribute to Hedi Slimane

Finally I am finished with my next play-doh film! Two years ago, when I started rediscovering the possibilities of play-doh and someone told me I should make fashion figures, I knew that I wanted to do a rock boys theme as a follow up to my JCDC girls film. I also knew that it had to be a tribute to the amazing Hedi Slimane and all his contributions to this fantastic and exciting men's fashion scene. The very look he created that influenced so many. During his days at Dior Homme were most exciting for me. I couldn't wait to see the next collection. Even now, I enjoy his beautiful stylish photography. Besides having a demanding full time job keeping me from working on this, there was another bit of a problem. I couldn't find black colored play-doh. And I needed a lot of it. I couldn't even find it online. I printed and selected looks from the Spring 2006 show, my favorite collection. Then it was earlier this year in the winter that I drove around to toy stores, and amazingly enough, I found individual cans of white, peach pink, and, yes, black. It was amazing because I had tried looking for it at the same stores before, and they didn't have it. Anyways, I stocked up and went to work right away I was so excited. I was done with the figures by Spring/Summer and spent the summer working on props and painting sets. I also finally got a mini tripod. Can you believe I used to make my stop motion without a tripod? So difficult and the quality lacked. But this time around, I focused on areas of improvement and was very ambitious in creating a great rock video. Finally, I was able to execute what had been stuck inside my head for years. I hope you enjoy it. The video will premiere this Thursday night! Come back on Thursday!


  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    WOW! very cool!

  2. Anonymous7:55 PM

    the world was a mess but his hair was perfect...

    love the looks you chose, some of my favourite from the collection. Especially the yellow polo / red shoes and the musical notes jacket.