Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life's an illusion. Love is a dream.

My alter ego inspires me very much in fashion and art. I can just be in bed, listening to music, visualizing my alter ego, the one that's in a band, of course. I've loved performing and music since I was very young. The thrill of being on stage. In my teenage years, my friends and I have performed at local festivals, singing and dancing. When I was growing up, I played the guitar and flute in school orchestras. Music is definitely in my soul. I have only my parents to blame for the music obsession that I have inherited. Anyways, everything is a big equation for me. I was obsessing over an Aquascutum military style coat. Then I saw a knock off version from TopShop. Sadly, I didn't buy it. It was a bit pricey. Then I saw some gold boots at Politix. I would dream about wearing that coat, or different military-esque black and gold combination, for a show, playing with my band. I want to do more illustrations and I would if I wasn't so drained and tired from working. It's also been a long time since I've written any new songs.

I was so tired of being upset
Always wanting something I never could get

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  1. Love the pic.... you should totally post some of your lyrics if you get back to writing again.And that Papermag place looks quite cool, woulda liked a little browse. Oh and I wish I could feel that it was so good to live in Glasgow, but unfortunalty I don't! wanna trade? haha