Friday, November 16, 2007

Keep me in your thoughts, don't disappear

I drew this on Illustrator today! I know it's been a while since I've last drawn or made anything. Sadly, my studio is very dusty. I've been very busy. But I thought I'd draw a pretty lady for fall because after all, it is almost Thanksgiving.

The 3rd Paper Project LA was in town last week. I so wanted to go to the Thriller dance party, but as you know, that was the same day as The Hives, and The Hives reign supreme in my world. If it weren't for The Hives, I totally would've gone, though. My friend and I went to check out the 24hour store on Saturday. We hung out and people watched. Since she's also in the fashion industry, and she has major style, we were busy looking at people's fashion choices. Lindsay Lohan was shopping there when we were hanging out. My friend and I were like "she looks better as a deep redhead." But I was more thrilled to see artists like Fawn G, Kime B., Jeremy Scott, etc etc. Paper Project always inspires me. I went last year, too. One day, I will......

Wendy Yao, mastermind behind Ooga Booga, always inspires me

DJ Andrew, one-half of Andrew Andrew

Heartschallenger: reminds me of downtown warehouse parties on hot summer nights and they gave us free powerpuff girl ice cream. =)

Sunday morning, went with my friend to the Inpsiration Outreach day at Paper Project LA. It was so much fun. More inspiring and awesome than anything. I love being around creative people. It helps my soul to breathe. Sunday evening, I went to the Troubadour to see The Walkmen. First time we saw them was at Spaceland few years ago.

I know some of my pictures are blurry! My trusty Canon died on me at the Murakami exhibit. I bought a new Olympus because I needed a camera for the Hives show. I took about 200 pictures at the Hives show. Majority came out blurry. Made me really upset and depressed. I returned it. I'm without a camera now and I feel so lost. Well, my old Canon did take some amazing pictures and captured all the great shows I've been to. It's a few years old, and seeing that I take about 100plus pictures per rock show, and I usually attend 3 to 5 in a month.... well, you get the picture.

I told my friend that I'm a photographer, not a videographer. Because I have to dance. I can't stand still and hold a camera. I can focus and take quick shots. I can't do videos. But, we wanted to try out the video function on the new cam so here it is. Me trying to focus, then dancing while holding the cam. Someone said I look possessed when I dance to the Hives. I couldn't agree more.

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