Sunday, November 25, 2007

But by Monday morning, my alarm clock knows how this story goes

There's something I do every Thanksgiving weekend. It's my tradition to clean. Throw away all the old things I have no space for anymore, and convince myself that I don't need or want them. Organize and clean everything so I can have space and clarity in my head to start new projects. But, among the many things I threw away, the above were all trashed as well. They are illustrations I did in the late 90s. All before college. I've grown as an artist and as a designer, that I just felt I didn't need these anymore. I literally have no space. Then I get mad that I don't have more space. But then I try to let myself down gently by saying to myself, I still would not need these even if I did have the space. Sometimes when I do this, I end up crying over things I threw away that can never come back. Must've been about 70 illustrations or more.

I also watched "I'm Not There" over the weekend. I highly recommend it. It was absolutely amazing and very very well done. Cate Blanchett is just wonderful as Bob Dylan.

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