Thursday, August 16, 2012

Please sway with me. I take comfort in what used to be

We decided to do something fun before this summer is over so we decided to spend our day at Disney's California Adventure.  I had never been here before.  Of course, I grew up in LA so there were countless visits to Disneyland when I was a kid.  Then about two years ago, I went back to Disneyland for the first time in over ten years.  Honestly, I didn't understand the appeal of California Adventure since I am from California.  I didn't get it.  But now that I'm older, I'm less of a snob, maybe.  We decided to give it a try at least once.  So a beautiful day in August.  This was before the crazy heat wave, thankfully.  I had an awesome time and have great memories now.  It was such a perfect day.  Except for the part where I wanted to be a good sport and ride the swinging gondola on the ferris wheel.  (I'm scared of heights, so I hate ferris wheels, but I'm good at toughing it up from time to time.) However, I didn't know how bad the swinging motion would be.  When I stood in line, I saw someone throwing up.  When I was riding the wheel, I got so motion sick.  I was pretty upset.  We headed over to get some lunch and a coke would help me feel better.  We got a fast pass for the roller coaster.  So after we ate, we breezed on through the line and got lucky front seats.  This roller coaster is so fast, it's ridiculous!  I screamed until I couldn't scream anymore and then it ended.  The lady at the photograph store said I looked like I passed out.  Cars Land is super cute, especially the Cone Motel food stands.  We went to the Starbucks in the park.  Being in such a crowded place, I saw many girls wearing clothes that I designed.  It was a great feeling.  Hollywood Tower Hotel was crazy.  How many times does that thing drop?  And the set up and darkness made it even creepier.  We watched the World of Color water show.  It was a beautiful perfect summer day.  I loved it.  I actually can't wait to go back!  Overall, the place is so cute and well designed.

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