Saturday, August 06, 2011

You could be my destiny. You can mean that much to me.

I first heard "Get Away" and that song instantly caught my attention. Then, I heard it was by Yuck. Luckily for us, "Get Away" is not the only good song by them. I am absolutely in love with "Shook Down". This is one of my favorite live videos of them that I often watch over and over on YouTube. Also, I have this song on repeat. I slowly got past that obsession and found all their other songs to be equally wonderful and lovely, such as "Suck", "Operation", "Georgia", and "The Wall". Seems like I am in love with their entire album. After many missed chances to see them (they had previously played LA at the Echo and Satellite), I finally got to see them at the Troubadour where they played an awesome set to a sold out house. Their songs make me sigh. The soft guitar picking and fuzzy sounds tug at parts of my heart with a bittersweet sadness.

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  1. I've never heard of them before, but I'm about to look them up! Awesome photos. It's cool that you got so close.