Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trouble with dreams

We hit up the LA Fashion week event at Box Eight Studios. It was a series of different photographers shooting different designers' collections. Plenty of stylish people came out. Good music blasted through the speakers. My friend was happy about the open bar, and I'm sure many others were too.

Miss Caroline D'Amore was the DJ for Saturday night. Many years ago, she walked a show at LA Fashion Week and I was the design assistant for that label at the time.

Towards the end of the night, there was a crazy fire dancer (?) and we got close, then we backed away because we were a little nervous. But, he was fabulous.


  1. behind the scenes!

    looks chill. love this site.

  2. loveeee the photos! Thanks for sharing! Much love from Atlanta


  3. ooooh so lovely!:)

  4. wow! amazing photos :D
    looks like you had the most incredible time
    loving all your posts
    stop by some time! xx

  5. wow!!!! this looks like fun!!!