Sunday, January 31, 2010

You're the kind of person, you think you're better than everyone

Yes. This is a new post. So what finally got this blog out of hiatus? What got me out of the house on a cold winter day? (I'm sorry but, if LA winter is all you know, anything below 60 is pretty cold.) What made jaded ol' me go out to a show again? Well, if the Soft Pack says they are going to play 10 shows in 1 day all over LA, you better get out there and check it out! I've been loving "Pull Out" whenever it comes on on WOXY, my station of choice, especially when I'm chained to my desk at work. So, yesterday was a gorgeous Saturday in LA. The sun was shining. I made it to show #2 around noon, but I got there late. I caught the last two songs and watched from outside. It was a small shop and totally packed inside. Later in the evening, I made it out to show #8 at Vacation Vinyl in Los Feliz. I made it inside and listening to their songs live was amazing. They just sounded so good even in that small record shop. They played everyone's favorite "Extinction". "Pull Out" live was so good, I think we all freaked out. So, big thanks to the Soft Pack for pulling me out of my funk. It was nice to be back out surrounded by cute music loving hipsters. This winter feels so long.