Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Only in dreams we see what it means

Earlier this year, I missed out on Michel Gondry's signing at the Montalban because it was during the week and work was crazy busy. I remember feeling really sad about it, but there was no way I would've made it. Then, I was driving home from the Standard one Saturday, and passed by Amoeba. When I saw the sign that said Michel Gondry was coming, I screamed. Another opportunity to see him! This time I would not miss out. Not only did I not miss out, I was the first one to arrive for the event. Lol. The too cool for school customers at Amoeba kept looking at me weird. I must've looked like some loser, clutching my newly purchased DVD, standing right in front of the stage, all excited. But, it wasn't long before others started showing up and then the place was packed! Michel Gondry and "friends" performed a set. When Mr. Michel Gondry walked on stage, I literally freaked out. Ah! My inspiration! Genius! The mind behind all my favorite crazy creative awesome videos and movies. Even watching the set and getting my DVD signed, it all just felt surreal. I still can't believe that I watched Michel Gondry play drums from the front row and got to meet him. It was a dream come true. So surreal.

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  1. Looked freaking awesome!