Friday, April 17, 2009

What if someone says you're no one, are you with me?

Last Wednesday, my friends and I went to the Paper Magazine Beautiful People party at MyHouse in Hollywood. Everyone was indeed very beautiful and super stylin'. However, I did notice tons of well-dressed boys/men. The venue was really nice, the interior and layout. Except, my friends and I kept getting nervous that there were so many stairs or steps everywhere. We couldn't imagine what it looks like on a regular night when people get drunk and are wearing 5inch heels or something. Speaking of drunk, it was a fantastic open bar with Skyy infusions, only thing is I don't drink. But, it's okay. I still had lots of fun spending time with two awesome girls and people watching and getting inspired. Oh, and running into many familiar and friendly faces!

Abe Vigoda performed

Long time no see Franki

These guys had impeccable style.

Guess who?

Afterwards, we headed on over to In-n-Out because we were all hungry. We were about done eatting when I noticed Peaches and her friend come sit at a table near us. They were so cute and posed for pictures for me! She was in town, on her way to Coachella.


  1. i see that that guy likes jeremy scott

  2. this post is sick. your blog is wicked!