Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boo to the business world

I have a new alter ego/band created in my head. Lately, I've been loving duets/boy/girl bands/sounds. Here is the equation: listen to Belle&Sebastian's "Lazy Line Painter Jane" on repeat and belt it out in the car (love this song!), saw pictures of Damian's new haircut and perfectly cut gray suit, spotted a Jill Stuart polka dot dress that sounded like that song, see pretty pictures of She&Him, go back to wishing I could sing the girl part in the Belle&Sebastian songs. That's how these two were created. I could not get them out of my head, still can't, when I was shopping for work, I would keep looking at dresses and thinking "I would totally wear this for the show!". (Of course, meaning, the alter ego.) And I feel bad because I shouldn't be looking at dresses when I'm working because I'm a denim designer. The color palette for this "band' would be lots of black, grey, & white, but in a sweet classic way, almost office corporate like but not really, kinda like Theory, and they would probably sound nothing like Raveonettes, She&Him, or the Kills, but more Bell&Sebastian, Let's Go Sailing, Earlimart.


  1. I love your Little Prince play-doh film. It's so great!

  2. aww.. ha! I love Belle and Sebastian also.. so so good. Looper TOO!!