Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You're never gonna pass me 'cause I'm out of your league, your league, your league.

I drew this months ago when the Hives new album "Black and White" came out. This is a concept sketch for the "cheerleader" characters in the music video for "Try It Again". I thought since they used actual cheerleaders for some of the "cheer" parts, their music video should feature those "cheer" girls. But the Hives cannot have typical pom pom cheerleaders. So I drew these really cute girls that is my vision of the Hives cheergirls. Of course, I just drew it just for myself. No, I'm not working with them. Although I did try to email this sketch to their people, but I never heard from them. Sometimes I think I should jump ship the fashion industry and go into film. Yeah, right.

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