Friday, December 14, 2007

I turn my camera on

My old camera died last week of October. In desperate need of a new camera to shoot The Hives early November, I just ended up buying an Olympus. This camera just didn't work for me. All my pictures came out blurry. I was really upset. Needless to say, I had to return it. Then I realized, my old camera must've been sad that I just moved on so easily. So here is a post dedicated to my old Canon camera.

Dear Digital Elph S500,
Thanks so much for taking so many great pictures. Where would I be without you? You were there for me at all the right times. Your pictures never came out blurry. No matter how crazy some rock shows were, I endured the crowds by concentrating on taking the perfect shots. I guess it was time for you to go, since I took over 100 pictures per show, or occasion. Here are some of the people you have captured digitally: Steve Jones, Chris Robinson, Slash, Jet, Ok Go, All American Rejects, The Horrors, The Fratellis, CSS, The Lashes, Head Automatica, Shepard Fairey, Rooney, Living Things, Razorlight, and many many more. I promise to pay tribute to you if I ever get a chance to publish a photo book. Thanks again for everything. Last week, I bought your younger sibling, another Canon, and I promise to take good care of it and take many many more awesome pictures.

On another note: On Sunday....
me: "Mom, Spoon is opening for the Kroq Christmas Concert today! Spoon! You know, Spoon!"
mom: "What about fork?"

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  1. Hey... it's Jillian! :-)

    LOL @ "What about fork?"

    Also... may your previous cam R.I.P.