Saturday, April 28, 2007

You won't know me 'til you need me

What a week it's been! Not only are we super busy at work now, but I went out three times this week! And I made it through! It's really hard to go out especially when you're working full time in such a crazy industry, but you just gotta take care of yourself. Monday: The Feeling and Rooney at the Roxy. Dan Gillespie Sells of The Feeling had great charisma and energy. Not to mention, he was wearing electric blue dress shoes with red socks. Brownie points please. Then on Wednesday AND Thursday, we went to see JET (one of my fav bands ever) at the Troubadour! If you can tell by now, I'm a small venue fan. JET puts on amazing live shows. They're one of those "you-just-don't-know-til-you've-seen-them-live" bands. I first saw them at the HOB in 2004. I've seen them a total of six times now. Troubadour shows were unbelievable. Nic is great. I love JET.... *sigh*

Cam of JET @ Troubadour 4/26/07

Mark of JET @ Troubadour 4/25/07

JET @ Troubadour 4/26/07

The Feeling @ Roxy 4/23/07

Rooney @ Roxy 4/23/07

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