Sunday, January 28, 2007

We're the renegades of funk, funk

It's a rainy day in Los Angeles. It's still a winter day in January. However, ever since the big Coachella announcement, I can't help but to dream of Spring and all those pretty frocks I am so ready to wear. I mean, if I go shopping, all I'm thinking about is "omg, that's perfect for Coachella!!!!!". I mean, the lineup pretty much speaks for itself. To point out the reasons why I'm so excited would be pointless. The more surprising acts would be Benny Benassi, Roky Erickson, LCD Soundsystem, RATM... And of course all the great new acts are coming too, ie Klaxons, Teddy Bears, Spank Rock, Tilly and the Wall. All my fav British bands are coming too, The Fratellis, The Cribs, Lily Allen.. I love music so much. It's pretty sick. Overwhelming? I know.

Go to for more info.

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